The All-Russian Technological Olympiad of Russia is a modern engineering team competition held in more than 30 fields, including space science. Winning the profile Olympiad gives up to 100 USE points in the profile subjects (in the case of astronautics it is usually physics or computer science).

It is open to schoolchildren from any country.

Profiles of the Olympiad related to the space industry

Profile Sciences Subjects
Satellite systems Development of small spacecraft Physics and computer science
Aerospace systems Space robotics Physics and computer science
Analysis of space images and geospatial data Acquisition, processing and analysis of satellite imagery Computer science and geography

Conditions of participation

  • It is open to students in grades 8 through 11 (there is a separate area with its own profiles for students in grades 5-7).
  • Participation, travel and accommodation are free of charge for citizens of Russia, as well as CIS, EAEU and BRICS countries.

Schedule (annually)

  • Acceptance of applications is September-October;
  • The first online tour (individualized) is October-November;
  • The second online tour (team tour) is November-December;
  • Preparation for the finals is January-February;
  • Finals - March (exact dates are published on the Olympiad website).