Introduction to modern ROS-based robotics

The professional development course is aimed at teachers of robotics and computer science. The course duration is 72 hours: 48 hours remotely and 24 hours of face-to-face practicum at the Institute of Mechanics of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Program launches take place twice a year, winter and summerby appointment.

About the course

This course is aimed at teachers of robotics and computer science who want to move from typical constructors and Arduino kits to the level of work with professional development tools. It opens the possibility of preparing teams for Worldskills competitions (Operation of Service Robots), NTO Olympiad (Aerospace Systems profile), Planet Duty (Space Robotics competition), Eurobot, and others. Upon completion of the course and certification, the following is issued state-issued certificate.

Course organization

Course registration

The cost in feral 2024 is 30,000 rubles. Travel and accommodation are not included in the price.
The actual cost should be checked on the program page, or by asking the organizers a question

Distance stage

Take a distance learning course on MSU distance education platform. The duration of the distance phase is 3 weeks.

In-person stage

You come to the full-time workshop at the Institute of Mechanics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow). The duration of the full-time stage is 4 days.

You get your license

After successful completion of the advanced training course, you will receive a certificate of the established state sample

Example of a program

Remote part
Introduction to ROSChallenges of modern robotics.
Why is Linux for robots?
ROS: history and main ideas.
Design of a mobile robot.
Software review, workstation preparation.
Linux. Command line basics.
Basic Linux commands.
Purpose of the operating system.
UNIX-like OS architecture.
Terminal. Command Line.
Linux terminal commands.
A brief list of the most sought-after teams in the course.
The apt utility. The ssh utility.
Python for robotsFundamentals and syntax.
Data, data structures.
Variables and operations with them.
Control constructs.
Cycles. Functions.
Fundamentals of PLOs.
ROS basicsBasic ROS concepts.
Installing and running ROS.
ROS Standards.
Development in ROSPython for ROS. Library rospy.
The basic methods of the rospy library.
ROS node initialization in Python.
Sample Program Publisher.
Example of a Subscriber program.
Subscriber and Publisher working together.
Stateful modes of operation.
Advanced ROS developmentService: example of server and client part.
Action service: example of server and client side.
Application of parameters in programs and parameter server.
Storage and playback of robot sensor data. ROS Bags.
ROS administrationPackage Creation.
Packages in ROS. Installation and assembly. Catkin utility.
Creating custom message types
for tops, services, and action services.
Roslaunch, launch control.
Test workTurtlesim Simulation Package.
Analysis of an example task
Coursework on correspondence course
Face-to-face part
Working with real robotsA breakdown of the correspondence course, answering questions.
Connecting to the robot, working with the manual getting information about the robot
Robot controlROS and networking.
Robot control.
Robot position data. Angle conversion.
The first program on the robot.
A case study of typical robot sensor processing tasks.
Working with peripheralsRosserial, Working with Arduino.
Creating a Publisher.
Creating a Subscriber.
Parsing the tasks of connecting typical peripherals.
TelecontrolConnecting an input device.
Autonomous navigationData visualization in Rviz.
Navigation in SLAM mode and by map.
Map construction.
Route Planning.
Camera operationWeb Interface.
Working with camera tops.
Connecting the OpenCV library.
Practice: tracking a balloon.
Workshop: patrollingPackage Installation.
Setting up and running the package.
Package Modification.
Workshop: Working with a remote robotConfiguring a VPN connection.
Controlling a robot at a remote test site.
Preparation for OlympiadsPreparation for the "Aerospace Systems" profile
Examples and solution of problems by profile
Preparing for competence
"Operation of service robots" of the "Professionals" championship
Examples and solutions of competency-based tasks

Course organizers